Carrier pigeons for sale online are very common; all you have to do is surf the net and you are sure to find a bargain that suits you. As a fancier, a hobbyist or a pigeon racing enthusiast, this can be very convenient when you are on the market to buy a carrier pigeon.

Carrier Pigeons For Sale

For Sale Carrier Pigeon

However, before making the purchase, it is but proper for anyone to have at least some sort of a background about the item – carrier pigeon in this case – before buying. We know that carrier pigeons are famous, but what makes these birds popular is something worth being informed about.

Carrier Pigeons for Sale – Information Before Cash

Before checking out carrier pigeons for sale in the internet, indulge in some good-to-know information that might help you make an informed decision before you actually purchase one. First of all, there is actually no breed of pigeons that is called as “carrier”; they basically got their name “carrier” pigeon as a result of their initial function – to carry messages. Sometimes called as homing pigeons, these birds are generally called “pigeon post” and played a crucial role during the time of the two World Wars. They were used to carry vital information crucial to the strategies during the war that thirty-two of the birds that carried out that “mission” were awarded the Dickin Medal.

While carrier pigeons were effective transporter of messages, they are only able to carry information just one way – back to their homes. In order to use these birds, they would have to be transported to the area where the information would most likely come from and when released, they would fly back to their homes (usually in a headquarters) carrying with them very critical information. The amazing reliability of the pigeons actually gave birth in the establishment of The Great Barrier Pigeongram Service in 1897 between Auckland, New Zealand and Great Barrier Island.

Since then, the use of carrier pigeons has evolved according to how the world needs their abilities.

Purchase of Carrier Pigeons for Sale – Purpose, Use, and Intention

It has been very long since carrier pigeons have been used to carry out military missions of flying to send messages; today there are newer ways they are put to use that are more with the times. In the age of the internet, sending messages on a bird is unthinkable to do but these pigeons, surprisingly still play a very clever role in the age of the computers. Not only purchasing carrier pigeons for sale can be done online, our feathered friends are actually helped transmit internet signals without our common knowledge. Way back in the 1990’s when the internet was starting to be a huge part of how people live their lives, these birds were used to carry packets of data. This in the form of an IP address called Internet Protocol over Avian Carrier or IPoAC. This use of the pigeons though, lasted only until 2001 when the internet became really huge and took over and became the fastest means of exchanging information wherever you are in the planet.

Today, the pigeons are retired from performing noble duties of war but instead they are trained to be athletes to join the sport of pigeon racing.

Carrier Pigeons For Sale

Carrier Pigeon For Sale

Carrier Pigeons for Sale for Voyageur Racing Goers

Buying a carrier pigeon for sale today will most likely mean that you are looking to join bird racing or maybe you are just a hobbyist, either way, since you are to invest money on the bird, it is only proper to arm yourself with the necessary information to prepare you for the responsibility.

In order for you to successfully make a family of carrier pigeons, you have to begin with the creation a pigeon loft. Basically, these will be where the pigeons will be housed. The size ought to be just right depending on the number of pigeons you are planning to take care of. It is also important that it is designed to have both an indoor and an outdoor area to give the birds enough space to move around. Accessories such as for feeding, bathing resting and roosting should also be given importance.

Keep in mind that you have the responsibility to keep the loft clean all the time and that there is sufficient supply of fresh air. These factors are very important to make sure the pigeons remain healthy since their well-being do not depend on their feeds alone. Basically, owning a pigeon is a lot of hard-work and it comes with some serious responsibility but on the other side of the coin; can be very rewarding as well.

As soon as you have covered the basic necessities of owning a pigeon, you can then turn your attention to training the birds in order to jumpstart your journey in being a fancier.

The simplest principle is this; at two months old, the carrier pigeon for sale is ready for training and the basic rule that you have to remember is that these birds always fly toward one destination – their home. It is the birds’ natural instinct to go back to where they live. Make sure that they are well taken care of during the days they are still caged because this will help them to be better accustomed to the place where you want them to go back to.

Begin your pigeon road training by letting the bird out of the cage every once in a while to let it fly back to where it lives. As the training goes on, gradually increase the distance to make it more familiar with the route it takes. Remember that during this process, there is still a very slim chance that the pigeon strays and do not go back but the percentage of this actually happening is very low. Just continue training the pigeon going farther each time you let it fly home and when it finally reached home without any problem for about forty times, the pigeon is ready for racing.

This information may seem quite a lot for someone who is just starting; however, seasoned fanciers will say that there are actually more to pigeon racing than this very simple advice. The point is if you are really serious about purchasing carrier pigeons for sale, it is better to have some amount of tips than none at all.

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